Client case

The software positively influences the decision-making process for Van den Bosch Transporten.

Van den Bosch is a major road haulage company. It has sites in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and can be typecast as a leading and very modern logistic services provider. They are specialised in liquid and dry bulk for food and chemical industry. Since they started using Ultimo, they have gained a lot of relevant information. This has been beneficial to the decision-making processes of the organisation.

Vehicle management under control

Van den Bosch Transporten uses Ultimo Fleet Management Software for the management of operational assets and vehicle maintenance. A clever move was e-mail integration in Ultimo. Now drivers can send a message to the workshop from their cabs by e-mail. And the workshop can transform this mail into a work order with the push of a button. As simple as that.
Results Van den Bosch Transporten achieved:

  • Information is available in reports in no time at all.
  • Because it is cleverly designed fewer administrative actions are necessary.
  • Efficiency gains when executing maintenance.

Structured preventive maintenance very important

A structured planning of preventive maintenance is very important for an organisation, for example services and greasing. Many inspections and audits have to be carried out, for instance the MOT inspection, but also inspections and audits for transporting hazardous materials or food. These inspections are about technical state, hygiene, safety and liquid-tightness of the material. Twice a week the Vehicle Authorities visit Van den Bosch for these inspections. Ultimo helps to demonstrate what preventive maintenance was done.

"Our goal is to gather as much information as possible with a minimum of administrative effort in order to make an informed decision and perform adequate maintenance."
John Splinters
Van den Bosch Transporten
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