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Return On Investment less than 6 months at Zandvliet

Zandvliet is a family business and was founded in 1929. The company has developed into a production company providing meat products for traditional butcher’s shops, the meat industry and retail. They now have three sites, each of which is responsible for their own production.


Ultimo at Zandvliet: higher hands-on tool time

Putting out fires, trying to catch up, and chaos in the maintenance department. Zandvliet’s maintenance team was working from day to day, a challenge highlighted by understaffing. As Zandvliet grows, it has become even more important that the maintenance team is well organised both now and in the future. No more ad hoc activities but planned activities taken up in a streamlined process.

That was what Zandvliet wanted, and that is exactly what was realised with the Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management platform. Sander van der Velden (Operational Director) and Leon Geurts (Head Technical Service) agree: “Since the implementation of Ultimo, our technical service has had time again for their actual work: maintenance. Ultimo sends an alert when maintenance is due,
which is very convenient. It gives a sense of calm, knowing you’re not forgetting anything.”

Challenges the company faced:

  • From putting out fires to structured maintenance.
  • Bring order to chaos.
  • Professional support for a growing maintenance organisation.

Results Zandvliet achieved:

  • Higher hands-on tool time for the complete technical service.
  • Significant cost reductions that have earned back the investment quickly.
  • Entire shift from corrective to preventive maintenance.
  • Structure, order and peace of mind.
  • Return On Investment less than 6 months.
“Since the implementation of Ultimo our maintenance team has had time again for their actual work: maintenance.”
Leon Geurts
Zandvliet Vleeswaren

Bristol Port Company
  • A future-proofed, integrated & centralized EAM system
  • More efficient and effective Permits to Work, focused on increased safety
  • Better visualization of (non-)hazardous work
  • Complete control over the data collected, enabling better business decisions
  • Ability to customize and configure Ultimo following continuous improvement initiatives
ABZ Diervoeding
  • Centralizes all data
  • Automated reporting
  • Optimizing collaboration
    between departments
  • High degree of flexibility
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