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Migros Zürich optimises workshop processes with Ultimo

The Migros Zürich Cooperative (Genossenschaft Migros Zürich, GMZ) is the leading provider of groceries and everyday household goods around the Zurich area. While the company was founded in 1941, its origins can be traced back to 1925 when five sales carts delivered goods from the headquarters to the city and to the stores that opened the following years.


Ultimo at Migros Zürich: a clear view of fleet management

Today, Migros Zürich consists of more than 100 supermarkets and numerous specialist shops, partner stores and catering outlets. It has 9,000 employees and a fleet of 75 trucks.

When Migros Zürich constructed a new workshop for maintenance and repairs on the vehicles in its fleet, it also looked for a solution to optimise order management. The old, in-house developed programme could not meet the needs of the new facility. It needed a new Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system that could meet the requirements of lean management and provide a comprehensive overview of vehicle condition and repairs while linking directly to the materials warehouse and accounting systems.

“Ultimately, we were convinced by a visit to a leading German grocer in Berlin, which also successfully uses Ultimo for its fleet management. We looked very closely for any potential issues the solution might have, but it quickly became clear that everything was well-solved and convincingly addressed. The feedback from our workshop managers, mechanics, and accounting staff is consistently positive. We have gained transparency for our fleet management, and our processes are now faster and more efficient. Migros Zürich has found a strong partner to optimise the fleet management processes. The company looks forward to working with Ultimo to leverage the software’s full potential in the future.” 

Challenges the company faced:

  • Lack of visibility over vehicle condition and repairs.
  • No interface for internal and external billing and cost allocation.
  • No connection with SAP or integration with other systems.

Results Migros Zürich achieved:

  • Lean management processes.
  • Faster and more efficient workshop.
  • Easy access to key data on vehicles and fleet maintenance/repair expenses.
  • All information is in one place.
"We have found a strong partner to optimise our fleet management processes. We look forward to working with Ultimo to leverage the software's full potential in the future."
Lorenzo Greco
Migros Zürich

  • Standardize processes and terminals are now able to share knowledge with each other
  • The user-friendly system enables VTTI to implement and train users quickly
  • Improved integration between maintenance & safety
Arteco Total Belgium
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
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