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HAL Allergy Group simplifies maintenance with Ultimo

HAL Allergy Group is one of the leading specialists in allergen immunotherapy in Europe. For over 60 years, the company has been researching and producing a range of allergen extracts for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, for example, to help people overcome house mite, pet or grass allergies. HAL Allergy Group has two state-of-the-art production facilities in the Bio Science park in Leiden, the Netherlands. One facility manufactures its products. The other is for its Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) orders, most recently a COVID-19 vaccine.


Ultimo at HAL Allergy: unlocking new resources

In 2008, HAL Allergy Group looked to upgrade its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. The company was using various solutions to manage its daily maintenance processes with some tasks logged in in Excel and Access, making it hard to oversee all the data relating to the assets. It wanted to manage parts, suppliers, Meantime Between Failure (MTBF), and various other factors all in one solution. Ultimo offered all the required possibilities with the added benefit of a high level of customisability.

Previously, most maintenance jobs were requested with a phone call. The team member receiving the call had to write down the details, which was time-consuming and increased the risk of missing information. To resolve the problem, HAL Allergy Group chose the Ultimo Self-Service module.

Efficiency is always a challenge

Richard Zwart: “Efficiency is always a challenge, especially when the part you want is not in stock. The part usually costs 25 cents, but the resulting production stoppage can total more than 100,000 euros. Situations like this are learning chances. With Ultimo at HAL Allergy as a knowledge base, we can take steps to eliminate potentially costly issues and improve the way we operate.”

Results HAL Allergy reached:

  • Enhanced efficiency and more control over costs
  • Simplified maintenance management
  • An easily customisable solution to meet changing requirements
  • A clear way to display vital validation and calibration documentation
“Ultimo is very accessible; it’s easy to make it your own. With some training, which is also offered by Ultimo, you can do a lot yourself. There is much more freedom in Ultimo than other solutions, and the clear presentation and interface make it easy to see the data you need.”
Richard Zwart
HAL Allergy Group

Recent cases

Erasmus MC
  • An external audit, by the IGJ or certifying bodies, can demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the Medical Technology Covenant.
  • Annual savings of 130 to 160 man hours.
  • No more double entry of maintenance and test data.
  • Maintenance work can no longer be forgotten with active notifications to Logic Medical’s medical technicians.
  • Optimized maintenance management.
  • Reliable support with personal contact.
  • Improved cost control.
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