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A fully implemented maintenance management package for Smit & zoon.

The Ultimo maintenance management system was implemented for the chemical plant of Smit & zoon in Amersfoort. Pontifexx Zwolle together with Ultimo took care of the implementation. Parties managed to get the maintenance management package up and running in less than three months.

Chemical company with continuous operations with detailed supervision

The Amersfoort plant has continuous 24-hour operations which are regulated by the SEVESO III directive. This makes it very important to safeguard the safety of installations and systems. Ultimo Maintenance Management system has options to plan all legally required inspection and maintenance tasks, to execute and register them and to create a history. Until recently, planning was done by hand.

The main results of the Ultimo implementation:

  • All available information about an installation can be viewed on the spot.
  • An FMECA was used to optimise the maintenance frequency.
  • The basis for long-term maintenance of installations has been defined.

Up and running with Ultimo in three months’ time

The implementation of Ultimo requires extra efforts from an organisation. Besides the day-to-day work in the hectic schedule of the technical service. Getting resources can be very difficult so the implementation is tough and longer than necessary. To avoid this Smit & zoon asked the help of consultancy agency Pontifexx. They did an enormous amount of work during the implementation. And helped implement the Ultimo software in less than three months’ time. A remarkable achievement.

“Ultimo helps us to link inspections, service reports, certificates and failure data to the right installations. This gives us an enormous amount of information that helps us maintain installations better. And it is this control that is not only important for the Regulatory bodies but for us as well.”
Rob Johannes
Smit & zoon
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