Client case

Safety Region Flevoland, with Ultimo, offers the right type of help in the shortest possible time.

The region is deeply committed to the safety of its citizens. Together with the medical emergency services, police, fire departments, municipalities and others, the region collaborates to get the right type of help in place in the shortest possible time. More than 180 rolling stock or equipment units are managed in Ultimo.

Software as a Service

Ultimo software seamlessly fits the requirements of Safety Region Flevoland. The organisation has a subscription which is advantageous in more ways than one. It means extra service as well as some know-how people did not have before. The IT department of Safety Region Flevoland is fairly small, so people hesitate to burden them with their needs and wants. This means that the Ultimo consultant is a godsend for smaller and larger modifications.

Laundry in Ultimo

The Safety Region uses Ultimo Facility Management to manage the laundry of protective clothing. This is necessary with a view to industrial hygiene and quality requirements. The integration of Ultimo with RFID tags means that the registration of each laundry is recorded in the software straight away. It allows you to see who uses what suit, when it was last laundered and when the next laundry has to be scheduled.

“The combination of registering laundry in Ultimo with RFID tags is an innovation.”
Nico Buiting
Safety Region Flevoland
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