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CAFM became indispensable for successful and growing Sacha Shoes.

Sacha Shoes has 75 branches in 5 different countries and webshops in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Because this multinational grew so fast and is so successful, it needed a Computer Aided Facility Management system. How to control management of all these locations? And how to facilitate these branches as best as possible?

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Insight in managing and monitoring all branches

The purpose of a CAFM: professionalise facilities. This is why Sasha Shoes now centralises information, saving time and costs. The organisation chose a software implementation in stages. Focusing on structuring and detailing all the information of the branches. Next came the way work orders were processed, which arrive as events in the main offices in Tilburg, The Netherlands. And after that the centralised coordination of contracts, leases and insurances, all in Ultimo Facility Management Lite.

Results Sacha Shoes achieved since starting to use Ultimo:

  • Apart from analysing the information of the branches, facility processes were structured.
  • A major increase in efficiency.
  • The organisation is better able to monitor results with management reports.

Key plan in Ultimo with personnel data from AFAS

Sacha Shoes also registered a key management plan in Ultimo. This details how many keys are in circulation and who has which key. Very important, because if you cannot retrieve this information the organisation may suffer. An interface with AFAS was realised recently so personnel records can be exchanged. Retirements are now also registered in AFAS. Notifications, still to be designed, can be used to supervise the return of keys and related items.

“In the end we chose Ultimo because of its quality and price.”
Ellen Aussems
Sacha Shoes

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