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Istimewa: contract management and cost cutting with Ultimo

Ultimo is used in a number of ways by Istimewa Elektro. Infra Asset Management is used for infrastructural contracts. And Ultimo Go+ to help save costs as much as possible.

Full digitisation with Ultimo Go+

Before Ultimo mechanical engineers were sent a repair sheet. Now, with Ultimo, they register failures in Ultimo Go+ and they can see straight away what work needs to be done. And all that time they save on administration can be spent on repairs and maintenance. Or rather: to do what they like doing best. Another positive and sustainable result: because of digitisation Istimewa has become paperless, and they now are on step 5 of the CO2 performance ladder.

Results Istimewa achieved since starting to use Ultimo Infra Asset Management:

  • Savings up to €600,000 annually.
  • Huge decrease in paperwork and travelling hours.
  • People are much more satisfied with their work.
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