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Intergamma: understanding created with Ultimo Facility Management

Intergamma B.V. has approx. 370 employees. And the daily run of facilities is coordinated by two people in the main office in Leusden. They not only take care of facilities in Leusden but also of the logistics building in Tiel. For the best management of all facilities they use Ultimo Facility Management.

Accessible Self-Service gives a framework

Mails, calls and a quick word in between. Events regarding facilities come from all directions at Intergamma. Which sometimes makes it difficult to stay on top and not forget things. Not to mention realising the work in the most efficient manner. And account for who does what and against what costs. Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) by Ultimo saved the day.

At first there was hesitation to start using CAFM, because people were afraid that it would result in lists for the sake of lists, rather than results. But after the work methods till then were assessed people were unanimous in deciding that a lot was overlooked. And surveys were not complete. Reasons to try their luck with CAFM.

Advantages that Intergamma noticed since using Ultimo’s CAFM:

  • More insight into events that are more structured.
  • Events can be sent to external parties with the press of a button.
  • Understanding scheduled reservations with a graphic overview.
“Not everybody is used to reporting. It has to be easy and accessible, otherwise people don't bother.”
Marc Born

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