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All for better support and registration of the Group's maintenance processes.

The use of Ultimo Maintenance Management expanded bit by bit. And now Ultimo has been at the heart of supporting and registering HAL Allergy’s maintenance processes for more than 10 years.

Quality is ingrained into the processes and work methods

HAL Allergy Group was founded in 1959 and is one of Europe’s top companies to develop, produce and sell allergy treatments. HAL first started using the accessible Ultimo Lite in 2008. They grew exponentially in the following years, and the need arose to have a more extensive maintenance registration. This is why HAL Allergy decided in 2014 to upgrade to the more extensive Ultimo Maintenance Management version. With great results.

HAL Allergy uses Ultimo for:

  • Saving and registering validation and calibration reports.
  • Creating a better understanding of the audit trail: who did what and when.
  • A concise understanding of any open work orders.
  • Simple reports for internal and external customers

Ultimo helps meeting legislation

HAL Allergy is a pharmaceutical production company and as such has to comply with a lot of different directives and legislation. For instance a certain criticality factor has to be assigned to equipment. This is recorded in Ultimo. These classifications are used to prioritise incoming events for different objects. Taking the impact of such an event into account. The registration of this information in Ultimo means that HAL can easily demonstrate that it complies with legislation.

“Based on criticality of equipment and the impact of any issues on our processes Ultimo helps us keep the quality manageable and verifiable.”
Richard Eijkelboom
HAL Allergy
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