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A relatively small technical service of Coppens manages the entire maintenance administration.

It was a challenge to manage everything that occurs daily with such a small group of people. This is why Ultimo was especially used for automation purposes. Clever solutions that help the department run a tight ship. In Ultimo Maintenance Management.

Work more efficiently and cost-effectively

Coppens Animal Nutrition produces high-grade and reliable feed for pigs and meat chicks. In one of the most modern plants in Europe. Coppens uses Ultimo Maintenance Management software to regulate all their maintenance. The organisation records in Ultimo all of their failures, maintenance work, stock control and maintenance costs. The overall maintenance picture. Coppens also has a link to the process-control system: all production hours and alarms are put directly into Ultimo. And Ultimo can generate the list of maintenance work based on the data. As well as reading in data of all installations from the process-control system. This meant that the recently finished new development was read into Ultimo without any trouble at all. It was available for use straight away.

Results achieved by Coppens Animal Nutritiong:

  • Tracking all of the maintenance administration easily.
  • Understanding and maintaining the process.
  • Working more efficiently and cheaper.

Grow from Lite to Full

At the time of purchase, Ultimo Lite largely satisfied the requirements of Coppens Animal Nutrition. But future requirements were already considered. Monitoring complete installations for instance. Maintenance routes and stock control. Especially the options for stock control convinced management that they were better off with the Full version. It helps mutate stock directly on the jobs so it is always clear what materials are used. And stock is modified directly; parts are easily re-ordered when necessary. It is what you would call perfect stock control.

“Coppens Animal Nutrition has a relatively small technical service which faces many challenges. The focus is on automation, and clever solutions help us keep track of and maintain a full maintenance administration.”
Patrick van den Berg
Coppens Animal Nutrition

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