Client case

Almost no failures at Coldset Printing Partners.

Coldset Printing Partners is Belgium’s largest newspaper printing company, printing more than 500,000 copies each night. The company has used Ultimo for more than a decade to their full satisfaction, to plan maintenance and maximise uptime. So there is almost no risk of failures.

Discipline and KPIs important

When an organisation is responsible for printing these large numbers of papers each day, it is crucial that production is uninterrupted as much as possible. This requires the best maintenance all these assets can get. Ultimo is used to plan sufficient preventive maintenance to minimise the number of failures. Ultimo Maintenance Management is used by the technical service of Coldset. The way work is structured has improved considerably since Ultimo was taken into use. Reports show the key performance indicators and this information is used all the time for improvements.

Results Coldset Printing Partners achieved:

  • A more structured and controlled maintenance.
  • More uptime, improving the production’s reliability.
  • A team that is happy with the software.

Modules in this case

Asset Management
The basis of a properly functioning maintenance organisation.
Authorisation Management
Only show relevant information.
Property Management
Understanding you property information is the basis for more.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Ultimo Go
Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go.
“Our entire maintenance team is passionate about the software and we are very disciplined when it comes to providing serious preventive maintenance.”
Pascal Coenen
Coldset Printing Partners

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