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Care Group Noorderboog combines Facility & IT management in one system

Round-the-clock care. Everything from personal care to medical treatment. Every day, employees from 16 location throughout the Netherlands dedicate themselves to care for the elderly. The supporting services in the organisation are greatly helped by Ultimo. Noorderboog uses the Ultimo applications for IT, Facilities and Reservations every day.


Guidance and configuration

Care Group Noorderboog used to be part of the Isala Diaconessenhuis hospital. Care Group Noorderboog was formed when the hospital and the healthcare group split up in 2016. The Isala Diaconessenhuis hospital already worked with Ultimo On-Premise. Because of the split-up a new IT environment needed to be set up. They chose Ultimo SaaS. The decisive factors were Ultimo’s organisational personality and the flexibility of the software. Great working with the software and great working with Ultimo.

All facilities services in one platform

A year ago, Care Group Noorderboog started using the software for facilities as well. All reports are submitted via Ultimo’s module service desk. Via the service desk, Noorderboog processes everything: reservations, catering, cleaning, reports, you name it. The reports they forward to Technical Services. Replace lights Paint walls Replace toilet seats Technical Services records everything they do in Ultimo. From report to processing with Ultimo Facility Management Software, Care Group Noorderboog creates total understanding and awareness of all their facilities processes.

Results by Ultimo so far:

  • Grip and efficiency when dealing with facility processes, incidents and service requests;
  • More result-driven understanding;
  • Higher availability of IT assets;

Modules in this case

Change Management
Control of changes.
Configuration Management (CMDB)
Increase understanding by consistently recording your CMDB.
Dashboards / Reports
Important control information directly available.
E-Mail Import
Submitting reports via e-mail.
Incident Management
Increase your help desk's efficiency by processing incidents quickly and adequately.
Inventory Management
Gain control of the availability of your inventory.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Service Request Management
Streamline your services.
Ultimo Go
Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go.
"We chose Ultimo because they guided us through the implementation. Ultimo is a very people-oriented organisation and takes its time for the customer."
Tim Kuper
Care Group Noorderboog

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  • The procedures have been stepped up
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