Client case

Aeres student satisfaction

A comprehensive university with about 1,500 students. Of these some 300 live on the campus, which boasts 250 apartments. Ultimo is used to support the ancillary facilities of Aeres.

Integrated approach FM bears fruit

Different modules of Ultimo Facility Management are used at Aeres to support facility services. And successfully so. First-line CDIF reports are received, processed and monitored by the Service Desk. These may concern technical matters but also property, financial matter and reservations or catering. Also, the module Rental Administration is used for a professional and understandable administration of the flat rentals. The results? Tenants are very happy.

Because Ultimo software is used:

  • the Facility Management department has become more professional;
  • progress of open reports can be monitored better;
  • it has become easier to substantiate results, including financial results.
“Ultimo makes the world go round in Facility Management.”
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