The retail sector is on the rise; consumers have more money to spend and turnover is increasing. At the same time there are some major challenges; illustrated by some established brands disappearing from our high streets over the last few years. The integration of offline and online shopping becomes increasingly important. How do you make sure you are future-proof? It is reassuring when the assets and facilities that you manage give you the right data. For only then you can give the right response.

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Streamline management of your buildings and assets.

You can make a difference in a very competitive market by excelling in customer experience and service. How do you get your buildings and assets in top condition? Use Ultimo Facility Management software to avoid unpleasant surprises. An accessible Self-Service means that an event can be created or tracked easily by the shops. Ultimo offers options for maintenance in the long-term, to look ahead and budget necessary future activities. And, of course, dozens more options like managing contracts, reservations, key management, resources, etc.

Your advantages when you use Ultimo software:

  • A better understanding in more structured messages.
  • Anticipate the future with multiple year planning, for instance for maintenance.
  • Control your suppliers, contracts, etc.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Complete Enterprise Asset Management software

Ultimo EAM software has a wide range of features in the areas of Maintenance, Safety (EHS), Medical Asset, Infra Asset and IT Service Management. Based on practical use in collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. Combined into one ingenious EAM system in which all your assets provide you with their information. One platform, filled completely with signals. Especially the critical ones. See vital signs. Take vital actions.

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Opening new offices? Refurbishing?

When you open a new branch office you have your work cut out for you, also for the facilities department. How do you get everything ready on time, preferably as efficiently as possible? Ultimo means you can cluster project activities and make sure that they are done on time. Of course you can do the same for any other project like a refurbishment, new décor in the shop, etc. Dozens of processes. One platform.

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You can make a difference in a very competitive market by excelling in customer experience and service. Ultimo offers you this opportunity. Request a demo!