Challenges galore in the packaging industry. Many companies have an excellent track record, and this is mainly because they work hard for the future. Changes in demography, technology and circularity (environment) require constant investments in new assets or adjustments to existing assets and their process management. Professional Asset Management matters and often makes the difference. Do you get everything you need from the information flow of your assets and facilities?

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The best process support for maximum flexibility.

An agile production process is necessary to meet the increasing demand for smaller, more unique batches and even personalised packaging. Demographically speaking the composition of the population changes and this means the requirements for packaging also change. Not only is packaging becoming smaller but also easier to handle. To limit the environmental footprint materials are considered for suitability and packaging is designed to be recycled. Is your maintenance process aimed at enabling fast and flexible production?

Use Ultimo and profit from:

  • More supervision on the execution of maintenance work, resulting in less downtime and loss of production.
  • Decisive overview so improvements in process management can be implemented.
  • More possibilities for Smart Maintenance and the Internet of Things, making maintenance more predictable.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Complete Enterprise Asset Management software

Ultimo EAM software has a wide range of features in the areas of Maintenance, Safety (EHS), Medical Asset, Infra Asset and IT Service Management. Based on practical use in collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. Combined into one ingenious EAM system in which all your assets provide you with their information. One platform, filled completely with signals. Especially the critical ones. See vital signs. Take vital actions.

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Make your work environment safer?

Ultimo software not only offers practical solutions for the asset/maintenance manager but also the EHS/Safety manager, to embed various safety issues in your plant. This will give you a better control over management and maintenance as well as increase your grip on safety in your organisation. Ultimo helps you to better listen to your assets. So you can act decisively when you have to. See vital signs. Take vital action.

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Relevant Cases

  • More knowledge retention
  • Better substantiation of decisions
  • Extensive analysis options
  • Saving on time and costs using an interface with SAP
Solidus Solutions
  • Efficiency because of the HSE & maintenance integration
  • Insight into unsafe situations and their follow-up
  • Perfect coordination of the maintenance activities
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Challenges galore in the packaging industry. Do you get everything you need from the information flow of your assets and facilities? Experience Ultimo, request a demo!