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The government and public sector face major challenges. One of those big challenges is to operate efficiently while at the same time deliver quality in a sustainable manner. And add to this information, internet and IT developments, at breakneck speed. Do you see all the signals your assets give?

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Software ready for your future.

Working within the government or public sector you often manage an enormous portfolio with valuable assets. Buildings, assets, IT resources, fleet, all of these and more. Together they are of huge value for your organisation. How do you make sure you do not take any irresponsible risks, for instance financially, when you manage all these assets? And how do you streamline all these processes efficiently? Ultimo software gives you the perfect tool to optimise and streamline all support processes. Does your organisation use the Internet of Things yet? Another way to use Ultimo: as a hub with which you can get so much more return from your assets and processes. Are you ready for the future?

Depending on your need for support we can put together a fitting solution from our modular range.

Ultimo software means you profit from:

  • Software that matches your organisation and your need for support.
  • More grip on the costs of your buildings, assets and resources.
  • Better services for your clients, internal clients and citizens.
  • Better control and collaboration with external suppliers by carefully embedding contracts and agreements in your organisation.

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Kanban: visualise your tasks

Complete Enterprise Asset Management software

Ultimo EAM software has a wide range of features in the areas of Maintenance, Safety (EHS), Medical Asset, Infra Asset and IT Service Management. Based on practical use in collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. Combined into one ingenious EAM system in which all your assets provide you with their information. One platform, filled completely with signals. Especially the critical ones. See vital signs. Take vital actions.

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Nobody knows what the future holds. Or do we?

Do you know the large maintenance work you will be faced with in the coming years? And what this is going to cost you? With the planning options Ultimo offers you, you can gain an understanding of the expected costs, risks and even the condition of all your assets. Real time. All things that are of great importance to you. So you always have sensible information about your properties. And can substantiate your policy choices and anticipate the future.

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Relevant Cases

City of Ghent
  • More efficiency by working in one system
  • A lot of control over the technical activities
  • Making the organisation more sustainable
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Working within the government or public sector you often manage an enormous portfolio with valuable assets. Experience the possibilities of Ultimo, request a demo!