Reduce the amount of municipal waste

The Gloucestershire Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Javelin Park is designed to significantly reduce the amount of municipal waste that is landfilled in Gloucestershire by using tried and tested technology.

Aside from safely dealing with residual waste, which cannot readily be recycled or composted, the facility will generate the equivalent electricity to power 25,000 homes, and will contribute to Gloucestershire’s renewable energy production.

The facility will divert over 90% of the County Council’s residual waste from landfill, preventing methane production, and producing sustainable aggregates. There will be a net reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions through running the facility as compared with continued landfilling.

Covering all assets

Ultimo covers all assets including the building structure and 120 identified spaces within the facility site. The asset structure managed entirely within Ultimo covers over 2500 assets all linked to a vendor with serial numbers and linked to a process function, there are over 9000 process functions in a structure of 280 equipment types. Over 800 spare parts – articles, are all linked to equipment or process functions. . Ultimo Go is also earmarked for Mobile users.

Modules being used at Urbaser Balfour Beatty include:

Andrew Evans EfW Maintenance Manager said We have been impressed with how easy Ultimo can be customised to suit our requirements. Urbaser Balfour Beatty identified Ultimo as the best choice due its combined Maintenance & Safety Management within a single intuitive solution.

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