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The paper covers the most crucial subjects in relation to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and is available to download.

The paper, written Chris van den Belt, Team Leader Product Management at Ultimo, covers the major factors that influence asset availability and concentrates on the topics of uptime and cost control. A major finding of the paper is that the ability to turn data into clear information, that can be acted upon, is often missing within chemical processing operations. The point is made that while data is theoretically available for every asset, particularly those that may already be connected with sensors as part of an industrial internet of things (IIoT) deployment, this data is not being captured and utilised to its potential.

Also discussed within the paper is the fact that there is a constant balancing act for asset managers regarding an optimal asset management and maintenance approach. The emphasis on cost control is never-ending and requires close interaction and cooperation with colleagues in production. The more data available, the paper puts forward, the more likely that informed decisions can be made for chemical processing plants.

Incorporating insight from quantitative and qualitative research amongst asset managers and maintenance professionals, the paper covers the ‘Big Data’ challenge and how it relates to EAM software.

Speaking about the release of the paper Ewout Noordermeer, said, “Our trends report showed that 23% of asset managers expect big data and business intelligence platforms to be applicable to their organisations going forward. While an EAM system will host all the data for each asset and will function as the primary operational platform, other ‘Big Data’ business intelligence platforms are being deployed throughout organisations, so the ability for an EAM system to integrate with these is paramount.”

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