Ultimo and Good Solutions enter a technology partnership

The partnership combines EAM and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software products, enabling asset-intensive companies to optimise machine output and reduce production costs. RS Production OEE software from Good Solutions identifies production losses and acts as the operators’ eyes and ears. As soon as a loss, such as a deviation or a machine failure, is detected, the appropriate action is automatically created in Ultimo’s Asset Management platform, enabling the issue to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Mikael Persson, Good Solutions CEO, explains: “Together, we collect production data, but with a human touch. Automatically triggering actions in Ultimo EAM based on real-time production events makes it easier to predict and avoid unplanned downtime, ensuring that corrective action can be taken immediately. Communication between production and maintenance gets clearer, reducing production costs, improving machine time control and increasing machine throughput.”

Added value for asset-intensive companies

Michael Ries, Director Nordic Channel Partners at Ultimo, adds: “By connecting Ultimo EAM and Good Solutions RS Production OEE, we create a bridge between operations and maintenance. As a result, factories can minimise lead times and enhance machine and asset productivity. Our EAM platform adds value for all asset-intensive companies by reducing maintenance and production costs and improving asset uptime. The partnership with Good Solutions also marks an important step in our strategy to expand our Nordic footprint. We look forward to exploring the market together and helping factories meet their business goals and become more competitive.”

About Good Solutions

Founded in 2005, Good Solutions supports hundreds of factories worldwide with software designed for world-class data-driven production. Good Solutions is an entrepreneurial company with extensive experience in management and industrial production. Good Solutions develops and operates several products in the RS Production suite and provides services to ensure long-term customer value and relationships. Learn more at www.goodsolutions.se

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