Top 3 Current Challenges Maintenance Manager

No matter how fast the future is approaching, there are also issues that need to be answered today. The top 3 challenges of today’s maintenance manager looks as follows:

  • Safeguarding knowledge within the organisation’;
  • Ensuring competitive machinery;
  • Balancing corrective and preventative maintenance.

Today’s and Future Maintenance Themes

In the survey, the participants were asked to give their opinions on seven important themes that are current in the field of maintenance management and which are expected to remain important in the near future and possibly even become more important. Think of themes like safety & prevention (EHS), Aging Assets, Industry 4.0, KPI’s, etc. In the trend report, you can read more about the seven themes and you can also see what your peers think of these topics.

The Role of Automation and Technology

There are many different systems that can help the maintenance manager in digitising different processes and in managing various types of information and data. These systems are further dealt with in the trend report. Which one of these does the maintenance manager really need to become and remain successful? And what technologies play a vital part in this? Is the role of sensors and robotics becoming increasingly important? And what is the biggest challenge in applying this in the practice?

These questions, and more, will be answered in the Trend Report; Maintenance Manager of the Future.

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