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Proper maintenance

Proper maintenance means timely and structural maintenance, preventing the need for corrective maintenance as much as possible. The horse will already have bolted by then! But how do you make sure you perform proper maintenance? A lot has changed regarding maintenance over the past few decades. We are now confronted with ‘Industry 4.0’, where clever planning plays an important part. Do you know the smartest way of planning with these recent developments? By taking advantage of Predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance – what it that?

Predictive maintenance is a way of performing maintenance that heavily depends on sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT). Maintenance is not performed too soon or too late, but just in time. That time is determined by sensors and algorithms, greatly supported by data.

Predictive maintenance – from data to information

Your organisation provides a wealth of unused data. Building management, SCADA, MES or OEE systems register what your assets do, how they perform and what signals they release. Wireless sensors can be used where no data is generated yet. But it is not ‘raw’ data that you really want: you want to know when action is necessary. This brings your maintenance to a higher level.

Combining data from the past with signals from the present allows you to predict malfunctions. This way you are never too early, never too late. But precisely on time. Planned maintenance rather than unplanned downtime. Saving time and money.

The advantages of predictive maintenance

Besides saving time and money, predictive maintenance has many advantages that can drastically change your business. We have taken the liberty of listing some the advantages for you:

  • You only perform preventive maintenance when it is absolutely necessary. You benefit from the advantages of preventive maintenance over corrective maintenance: fewer failures, but you don’t experience the downsides of preventive maintenance, such as unnecessary maintenance costs due to unnecessary maintenance.
  • Continuous insight into your processes, performance, downtime and energy consumption.
  • Minimum downtime and maximum lifespan of your assets.

The value of predictive maintenance is clear: the costs are lowered and the productivity will increase. It is also very easy to start with predictive maintenance in your EAM software.

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