The added value of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

You will save money because you control the items entering and leaving your warehouse(s). Scheduling employees is more efficiently. No valuable time is lost. Reports can be generated easier and quicker. Result: the MT and the board are happy. These are just some of the ways in which a CMMS adds value to your organisation. A summary of the advantages of working with a Maintenance Management System: overview, insight, efficiency, communication and integration. We have listed these advantages for you:

1. Overview

A CMMS provides you an overview of all your assets, such as installations, building and inventory. All aspects will be easy to retrieve, such as costs, events and the maintenance condition. It is possible to create a clear asset structure. You can be certain that all registrations occur for the correct asset.

2. Insight

A CMMS also provides insight. A failure is easy to retrieve from the system. This makes the solution easier to find next time it occurs. Also when you are not at the office because your colleagues have the same information. And even if they do not have access to the system you will be able to help them from your beach chair (so to speak…..!)

3. Efficiency

Doing more with the same assets and people. At the same time improving the quality or lowering the costs. Or both! Efficiency is one of the more important business drivers

Do you have an appreciation of your assets? Then you can increase efficiency. For instance by offering the option for employees to deal with failures on their smart phones or tablets. This way more failures can be dealt with per day, because people need not return to their desks to see if any new reports have been made.

4. Communication

Communication is constant in the maintenance world. Between the Technical Service and the Production department. Between the Technical Service and other departments. Between the Technical Service and the board. This makes it essential to have a proper communication protocol, as the maintenance organisation is the key player.

A CMMS safeguards all these communication processes. The operator reports an issue in the system and automatically receives a report once it has been solved. Each month, the Management automatically receives the cost reports, and service employees receive notifications of new events.

A CMMS improves communication flows, without becoming difficult and time-consuming. On the contrary: communication with suppliers and employees will become easier. Which, in turn, meets expectations and increases satisfaction.

5. Integration

A CMMS supports many different processes. But at the same time considers the needs of and the collaboration with other supporting services and systems. These support services are often company-specific, but an MMS is designed to assist them. Consider, for example, collaboration with your HR system and PLC/SCADA software.

The integration with the CMMS means that certain messages and processes can be executed in a multidisciplinary manner. Several disciplines are involved in maintenance. People have been scheduled, materials are used and a production line is at risk of downtime. Technical Service, Finance, Scheduling and Warehouse will have to work together closely. It is the maintenance tool that ensures that departments work together in an efficient and multidisciplinary manner, where everybody knows when to do what.

Overview, insight, efficiency, communication and integration. The five advantages of working with a Maintenance Management System. By now you will have a fair idea of what a Maintenance Management System can do for you. But, how does in work in practice? What are issues you and your colleagues face? And more importantly: is a Maintenance Management System really helpful? Read the practical tools of effective Maintenance Management in the e-book “Effective Maintenance Management in Bits & Bytes” and let it help you face your daily challenges.

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