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Energy Management

The integration of smart sensors can contribute to energy saving for your organisation with energy and comfort optimisations, geared at specific rooms in your care facility or hospital. No more manually taking score of your energy management, wouldn’t that be great?

Possible examples:

  • Lighting connected to smart sensors, having the lights on during a set period of time and automatically switch off.
  • Lighting connected to smart sensors, having the lights turn on automatically for a certain period of time when a movement is detected in a room.


A smart building often leads to a more sustainable work environment. Not only in the area of energy management, but also in terms of a more sustainable environment for your employees, patients, clients and visitors.

An example:

Incorporate a climate system that automatically takes the weather conditions into account, keeping the temperature inside just right.

In this example, you create a work environment that increases comfort for your internal customers. Making your people happy and content! A pleasant work environment contributes to higher productivity, and therefore higher operating results.

New technologies can also help you with maintenance in and around your building, because people are no longer the only ‘process trigger’ Safety can be increased, for example when you use personal access cards for certain areas buildings.

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