Accessible data

By integrating the data Malamute collects and present with available asset data in Ultimo, companies create more insight and a shortcut to continuous improvement of their company processes. Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo: “One of the goals of this partnership is to create awareness among our customers. Be aware of all data that are already available. Companies often think they need to purchase complex and expensive software before making these data available. However, there are easy and accessible ways to start. By making the data of various technical assets such as machines and other production resources available in Ultimo, our customers can make more informed decisions. With Malamute’s dashboards this is immediately visible.”

Integrated dashboards

Sanne Lempers, founder of Malamute, adds: “Malamute is the result of the need to remove the ‘gut feeling’ from decisions in the maintenance world. With the partnership with Ultimo we offer our customers an integrated no-nonsense approach as well as plug-and-play dashboards that don’t require weeks of implementation. Based on the data quality of their current Ultimo environment, Malamute performs a quick scan. This results in more insight into the company’s data, which leads to a dashboard with corresponding KPIs and points of improvement. This provides valuable management information for the maintenance process. In addition, the Malamute dashboards are also a starting point to combine data sets and generate insights between, for example, Ultimo, OEE and the EZ-GO app.”

About Malamute

Nowadays organization is confronted with large amounts of data. A proper analysis of these data requires asking different questions and linking various sources. Malamute helps your organization understand the different processes and understand the underlying behavior.
Malamute exposes otherwise hidden data. This provides interesting insights that make it possible to achieve results in a short period. Malamute’s people are from the maintenance world. We have been working in different technical service roles for over 25 years and we started with data-driven maintenance about a decade ago. This allows us to support your organization in the entire process surrounding the collection of data to the execution of projects.

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