Even though the four customers operate in different industries, their vision on the new module was congenial. The module is based on the following principles:

  • The module has to be applicable for many processes, wherein specific activities can be scheduled within a certain period.
  • Activities can be planned graphically and can easily be moved and modified on all levels.
  • There should always be insight regarding to the progress of the execution (percentage completed, actual costs compared to planned costs).
  • An integration should be realized with the asset structure and the processes in Ultimo (e.g. periodical maintenance, corrective maintenance and orders).
  • It should be possible to create multi-jobs.
  • Stop-related activities should automatically be linked to the right sub-planning, based on the asset structure.
  • It should be possible to easily check if all the stop-preparations have been completed.

This resulted in a module that meets the required principles. Stops can be planned more efficiently and more insight is gained. Use the Ultimo Stop Planning module to ensure the control and the execution of the related processes in one integrated system. The Ultimo Stop Planning is available as from the Ultimo 2016 version.

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