The Importance of Maintenance Knowledge

Why is it so important to maintain knowledge? We are now living in a world where technological changes follow each other faster than ever. Simultaneously, there are various developments in the job market that result in ageing employees and an influx of younger employees that is not always sufficient to fill the gap left by outflowing employees.

As an added challenge, those older employees have gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years, which they still put to use every day. They know the organisation, the people and the processes, but more importantly, they know the machines and the equipment. They are very familiar with the equipment present in the company, when these have been commissioned and what the peculiarities are. A machine with a typical failure or an inspection that is carried out a little differently for a certain type of machine. However, this is knowledge that is not always recorded on paper.

With all this knowledge, the technical service can contribute to achieving the company objectives and help to set up the maintenance processes more efficiently.

Maintaining Knowledge

You know of course that, in the light of the current technological development, you have to be extra prudent in ensuring that your employees are properly retrained. After all, you want them to understand the new technologies and use these to benefit the company result. But even if you retrain your employees, knowledge often stays within the heads of your employees, making it useless to you in case of retirement or illness. In these situations, all that time and energy that was put toward gaining knowledge and experience is tested, and it can lead to your organisation lacking  knowledge. This increases the risk of errors or a decrease in production numbers.

‘Knowledge’ is what helps your organisation to grow, but is also a pitfall because knowledge is often personal and unique. How will you make sure that you maintain this knowledge, and that you also ensure that knowledge is safeguarded and shared as well as your employees retrained? The world of maintenance management is not only challenged by the fast-changing world, but especially by finding and keeping good technical maintenance employees. So if you can safeguard and maintain the right knowledge at least, that saves you one challenge.

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