Global growth strategy

This partnership allows InfoConsulting to add the IFS Ultimo EAM solution to its portfolio, and offer customers a better solution for the evolving needs of their business through rapidly improving cross-team collaboration, boosting productivity, maximising asset availability, controlling costs and securing health and safety requirements. In the first stage, sales will be developed in Europe and Australia, where InfoConsulting has a well-developed customer maintenance and sales network.

InfoConsulting serves its customers globally in industrial and asset-intensive verticals like manufacturing, construction and mining but also in many others. IFS Ultimo provides a SaaS EAM solution, focused on maintenance & safety with an unparalleled time to value.

InfoConsulting had noticed an increased demand for EAM solutions, advancements in technology and changes in the business landscape, alongside the need to meet customer requirements, such as reducing costs and improving efficiency. This partnership provides them with a comprehensive EAM solution and addresses the evolving needs of businesses. IFS Ultimo’s EAM portfolio enables customers to have the tools needed to harness real value and achieve business goals faster and with more efficiency.

Integrated solutions

Mirosław Kamiński, Head of InfoConsulting commented: “We are enthusiastic about the Introduction of IFS Ultimo to our offerings, as it is a complementary solution to the IFS ERP System. Above all, we see a number of benefits for our customers. By improving maintenance, safety and cross-team collaboration, they can increase their efficiency. One of the benefits of the product is also the rate and speed at which customers obtain value and an ROI.

Freddy Vos, Vice President of International Sales & Channel at IFS Ultimo said: “With the years of experience that InfoConsulting has in industrial markets, this is a perfect partnership for us to explore the European and Australian markets. I’m convinced that we can offer value for the customers of InfoConsulting, supporting them with their maintenance and safety challenges. InfoConsulting’s experience in solutions that are connected to EAM, like ERP, also offer an opportunity for us to provide solutions in a more integrated way together.”

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