Use your creativity

Internal communication can also be internal marketing. Make creative use of your communication and turn it into a marketing campaign so everyone will know you are going live. Print flyers, use the intranet, order goodies and have an EAM demo-day when you go live. It is fun, engages people, and it is okay to celebrate going live after all the hard work everyone put in! We have taken the liberty of listing some practical ideas for you:

Goodies for the entire organisation

Even before the implementation of the EAM system, you can already start promoting the EAM system. There are many different ways of doing this, and it doesn’t have to be anything grand or expensive. Think of handing out notebooks, pens, mints, key cords or balloons with the logo of the EAM supplier or a catchy phrase. Or maybe you can place coffee mugs with the EAM supplier’s logo next to the coffee machine. This way, you keep dropping the supplier’s name, and the system may well become a something to talk about over coffee. Or you can place webcam covers on your employees’ laptops or hand out mouse pads with the EAM supplier’s logo.

As you can see, there are many different and fun ways of promoting your EAM system. Make sure you find the way that suits your organisation best and start the promotion early on to create enough support with the end users.

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