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We have listed a number of key issues for a successful implementation process during the corona crisis:

1. Project leader

A client’s skilful and well-chosen project leader is perhaps the largest contributor to success. Preferably, they need to know the processes that require automation, have an affinity for IT and are in such standing and have the right mandate that they can initiate the project, especially now with remote implementations.

2. IT

Make sure the environment is available and accessible for all those involved. This is an absolute precondition to start using the software. Coordinate with the administrator and your implementation consultant.

3. Resources

Make quality resources available for you and your employees. Now more than ever, it is important to have quality hardware and a good internet connection. Especially for video calls and the proper functioning of your application.

4. Communication (internal and external)

Communication is paramount, now more than ever. We cannot meet face-to-face, but we still value personal contact and want to avoid interference. So, be sure to provide a suitable communication tool like MS Teams. In MS Teams, you can video chat and share your screen easily.

The implementation of the system  must be accompanied by adequate and appropriate information about the whys and wherefores. This is especially the case if it involves changing procedures and the use of a self-service portal. An effective marketing campaign will contribute to the success of the implementation. Many employees are now mostly working online, which is why an online marketing campaign will be most efficient.

5. Support

It is important that the different layers of the organisation feel the need for an EAM system. For instance, the Technical Service department, back office, and the management. The implementation department and management need to be involved when a facility system is being selected. As mentioned before, an online marketing campaign is a good method to create support with all those involved.

6. Knowledge

The project leader and key users have familiarised themselves beforehand with the system’s functions by means of courses and manuals. In times like these, e-learning is indispensable for training your personnel. At home, at you own pace and time.

So, there is no reason the implementation of your Facility Management system can’t proceed as planned, provided these issues are observed. IT and communication play a vital part.

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