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What we mean by value:

services can be expanded with a Virtual Agent, continuous monitoring and data analysis can reduce energy consumption, more efficient and better means of communication accelerate developments, and connecting real-time production data to your asset management platform can help predict maintenance.

An irreversible process

Some organisations and people may worry about this development and may even see it as a threat.  The digital transformation will change the way we work. Working together with a chat box can feel impersonal. We trust in data and analyses from computers without having observed any signals ourselves. People may even lose their jobs because of the digitisation of processes. And yet, this is not a new phenomenon; who remembers jobs like coal heavers, lamplighters, lectors in factories or bowling pinsetters? Whether we want it to be or not, the digital transformation is an irreversible process. It’s like quicksand; the harder you fight it, the more you get stuck. Embrace the digital transformation and open yourself up to all the new opportunities. In the field of Asset Management as well, we are seeing that the digitisation is evolving rapidly, which was also emphasised by the respondents in our EAM Trend Report 2020. Every day our assets collect enormous amounts of data, which multiplies every day. We know more and more about the performance of machines, the energy consumption or the effect of vibrations and temperature. Connecting and analysing all of this gives the data meaning. Data is becoming one of most important assets. And because of the digital transformation, new industries and jobs have been created which we couldn’t have imagined 15 years ago, such as cloud computing specialist, drone operator, millennial expert and data scientist.

You can’t connect on your own!

Our ambition is to get the most out of assets and people. More attention for safety and health. To get the most out of assets and human assets, you need data and technology.

How else will we know when the production line is performing badly? Or when the quality of your products diminishes. Can we share knowledge and at the same time comply with the COVID-19 restrictions that hinder physical collaboration? Can we carry out maintenance with an increasing shortage of qualified personnel?

Data and technology are present, just not always available. They are usually spread over different departments and applications. And most people are simply not aware of all the new possibilities. By working together, we help you connect. Therefore, the Ultimo platform is available to all and easy to integrate. A cloud platform with standard connectors ensures that your asset management process is connected to the world. A world that is constantly changing and becoming smarter and smarter. And again: you can’t connect on your own. Which is why we work together with experts to help organisations with the digital transformation. Make your asset management predictable, accessible and make knowledge available. This will have a positive effect on the performance of all your assets and employees.

For Ultimo the digital transformation means that:

asset management is an integral part of the company transformation, which gets the most out of all of your assets and employees by maximising the use of data and digitisation. Live-link your assets and facilities, convert all crucial signals from assets into relevant actions that make a difference.

Where the digital world and humans meet

Despite ever-changing, data-driven world, our (human) assets continue to play a crucial role. Predicting when an asset will fail offers many advantages. At the end of the process, however, the (human) asset — meaning a person — will have to take action. Action to maintain, repair or modify. The CMMS system has an important connecting role. For now, jobs like asset manager, engineer and mechanic will not become part of our history books, but will actually be seen as jobs that have evolved because of the digital transformation

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