Customisable CMMS standard

‘We will customise everything for you and set up completely per your requirements.’ This is a much-heard claim during the selection process for a CMMS. And it seems so good. But is this truly what your organisation needs? Fellow companies in your industry may have entirely different experiences. And maybe it turned out that a slightly different approach of a certain process results in considerable savings. And that is why it so important to have a coffee together beforehand. With a supplier who actually listens to what you want.  You will end up with a CMMS specifically geared to our organisation, but in a standard. Customisable standard, is what we call it.

The right knowledge

You are the expert of your maintenance processes and how you want to design them in the future. A good supplier knows this  and helps you with it. A good supplier is also honest when something is not possible. Because it doesn’t help you to have a system that doesn’t really run smoothly. This all comes down to the available knowledge.

It is vastly important for your organisation to record all available knowledge. Knowledge of the maintenance history of your assets. Knowledge of failure causes. But also knowledge of the operation of your assets. And knowledge of incidents or near-misses that occurred. So, knowledge retention is one of the reasons you are looking for a new CMMS. This should be just as important to the CMMS supplier as it is to you. Something to discuss over that cup of coffee.

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