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How do I ensure a safe product?

A safe product means a safe application of medical technology. A safe product in the hands of a trained user and in an environment that guarantees it is used safely. A safe product requires proper risk assessment prior to purchase, careful collection and release of that product and the use of a management system that helps with effective registration.

Safe product use also includes training requirements for users so they are qualified to use the product independently. Another important cornerstone is the guarantee of a safe environment for safe use. Think of building infrastructure and the IT facilities.

Register data of your medical assets in a facility system

Does your organisation want to guarantee that medical technology is applied safely in specialised medical care? Then register all medical equipment you manage in the Medical Technology module, with all the relevant information. Think of organisational and technical information, maintenance history, warranties, periodical maintenance models, documentation, measurement results and contracts such as service contracts. This is how you lay the foundation for applying risk and safety management

A facility system helps you by increasing understanding and overview and giving you control over your medical assets. We have compiled a brief summary of a number of advantages of registering Medical Technology data in a facility system:

  • The facility system was developed in collaboration with the market so it is perfectly geared to daily operations.
  • You have functionality that meets the demands set by thorough risk and safety management.
  • Standard interfaces offer easier use and more efficiency.

So you can see, a safe product is essential in the health care sector. And don’t forget: you will also have to comply with the current laws and legislations, which will also help to ease a lot of your concerns.

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