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Broad and flexible system

So, in 1999, the decision was made to offer a Facility system as well as the Maintenance system. By now, Ultimo has grown into the ‘best-of-breed’ platform for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). As such, Ultimo offers a broad and flexible system. All products are developed in collaboration with customers and with a view to developments in the market. Over 30 years of experience we are happy to share with you:

From 1988 to 2020: the highlights:

  • 1988: the introduction of Ultimo Maintenance Management
  • 1999: the introduction of Ultimo Facility Management
  • 2006: the introduction of Ultimo IT Service Management
  • 2009: the introduction of the modules Medical Technology and Ultimo Infra Asset Management
  • 2013 : the introduction of app Ultimo GO
  • 2014: the introduction of Ultimo Safety Management (EHS)
  • 2016: Fully web-based
  • 2020: ‘best-of-breed’ platform for Enterprise Asset Management

Did you know?

  • We always developed together with our customers, even more so since we started working with customer panels in 2008.
  • About 40 projects and products have already been developed together with a customer panel.
  • Our R&D department consists of over 60 employees.
“Nobody wants a system they have no idea how to work with. That is why we make sure that the software is always geared to the processes of the customer, and why we value its flexibility and user-friendliness.”

Ewout Noordermeer, Chief Marketing Officer at Ultimo


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