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The key to success

You may not have given it much though yet, but the implementation of an EAM doesn’t just start when the supplier start their work. On the contrary. The project must start with determining a vision, creating support and working on good communication with all your internal and external stakeholders. To steer everything in the right direction, a skilled and knowledgeable project leader is vital. Someone with an affinity for automation and with the right authority to initiate and drive the project. Making the right project leader is the key to success. We have made a top 5 of the most important competences.

Choosing the Right Project Leader

Great Project Skills

To steer a project in the right direction, it is necessary that the project leader has some project skills. The project leader works with milestones and deadlines, prioritises and monitors budgets. They need to know where and when resources are needed.

Is Decisive

To further the project, it is important for the project leader to be decisive, the pros and cons of decisions must be weighed carefully. The project leader has the mandate to make these decisions.

A Strong Communicator

Verbal and written communication are essential. The project leader is constantly sharing information both within and outside the team, so the project team is always up-to-date and involved and the supplier knows the status of the project.

Real Team Player

The project leader can’t do it on their own. So, it is important that they are a team player and always puts the common interests first.


Projects are shaped by deadlines. This can put some pressure on the team. Therefore, it is important that your project leader can handle stress well, can perform well with deadlines and works effectively.

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These were just a few of the most important competences of a good project leader. If you want the complete list, you can download the Ultimo Implementation Toolkit. In this document, we present a comprehensive profile of the right project leader. The document contains useful tips to make the implementation of your Enterprise Asset Management system a success!

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