Employees who are more aware of and actively involved with the risks that their work poses contribute to lowering the risk of incidents and the number of incidents.

Preventing Incidents

Many incidents can be prevented. Purely by inventorying the risks beforehand and taking the correct measures. Accurate registration of near–incidents and proper and regular maintenance of materials are also important contributors. For example, when you know it’s going to sleet, you can almost completely eliminate a large number of associated risks beforehand and thus prevent a possible incident. Not just today, but also in the future.

In the e-book ‘Maintenance Issues: Is Safety More Than Just Proper Maintenance?’, you can read about Environment, Health & Safety.

  • What exactly does EHS entail?
  • How can your organisation become EHS compliant and what is the relation between safety and proper maintenance?
  • It also contains tips that can help you work even smarter and more effectively.

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