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Step 1. A thorough inventory

It all starts with a proper inventory. What data are already registered digitally in your organisation? What information do you want to make accessible? Which systems does your organisation already use for this? And what systems are available for this purpose in the market? List everything neatly and determine your objectives.

Step 2: Efficiency as the basis

Working more efficiently, and with that saving on costs, is of course what you are looking for. Try to keep that in mind. Time and costs you want to spend on the best possible care for your patients. If you want to automate your data, where is the most efficiency to be gained? Is it possible to integrate multiple processes in one system so data can be found and processed quickly in one place? Think of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software in which you can register both the medical, technical management of your assets and your facilities and safety processes.

Step 3: Winning by connecting

If integration in one system is not possible, there is still efficiency to be gained by connecting data from different systems. Play to each systems’ strengths, and integrate systems where it has added value. Making double data work a thing of the past, again saving a lot of time. If you want to take it even further, consider the possibilities of having sensors communicate with your systems. The possibilities are endless.

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