Knowledge has spread

Sometimes this means telling them no or recommending them a completely different solution. Ultimo’s Sales department is subdivided per industry so you will always speak with a representative who knows their business. Our international offices each have their own specialised employees so local users are not overlooked. Over the years, that knowledge has spread outside the Netherlands:

Sales expansion over the years:

  • 1988 Ultimo Software Solutions bv (called ISH until 2007) Established
  • 2006 Ultimo Software Solutions Bvba Established
  • 2011 Ultimo Software Solutions GmbH Established
  • 2018 Ultimo Software Solutions Ltd Established

Did you know?

  • We have over 2000 customers.
  • These customers are active in over 40 countries.
  • We have an International Sales department.
  • Three of our initial five customers are still customers to this day!
“In Ultimo’s early years we only had a small team of people. This means you had to be an all-rounder. Over the years, the company grew to over 200 people in 4 countries. In their own fields, everyone possesses a wealth of knowledge, which we all tap into to help our customers.”

Ewout Noordermeer, Chief Marketing Officer at Ultimo

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