This is also a very common topic in the maintenance world. Shortage in the job market, not enough new students in technical studies and more older employees who will be leaving the job market soon. But the rapid technological developments in the field of maintenance also play an important part. All of this makes retaining the knowledge present in the organisation even more important. This is something you are probably dealing with as well. Are you ready for this?

Retaining and developing knowledge

By all means, use all those new technologies and developments of today. Sensors have been available for years, and by now most assets have them. Use your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to convert the data from the sensors into crucial information. This system is not just to help you record the knowledge you gained for the future. More and more organisations are giving (preventive) maintenance a prominent role in their operations, as they should! The myriad of  technological developments help make this possible. By exploiting these developments, you can entice new employees fresh from school to come work for your company. After all, they have been learning about it and would like to put into practice what they have learned!

Use the existing knowledge

Don’t forget that a lot of the knowledge about your assets is available in your organisation. The engineer who has been maintaining the assets for years is incredibly valuable for you. But, the moment will come they start thinking of retirement. Your EAM system has an important role in this as well. Because by cleverly using this system, you have all the information you need centrally available. And not just in the head of your engineer, or on many separate lists.

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