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1. Change management

A new system has a significant impact on the users who use it daily. It may be that users’ daily tasks will have to be done completely different when they have to switch to another system, for example. This is a crucial change in the work.

So, an implementation process is much more than just the implementation of software. By definition it is a process of change, because it requires a different way of working. When there is a lack of proper guidance, changes like this may lead to resistance. This can then jeopardise the success of the project. So know what you’re asking of your organisation and your people.

2. Process description

What kind of processes do you have? Before you implement the software, you have to be clear on which processes you want to optimise in your application. So, map out all your processes that you want to integrate in the software. Your software supplier will be happy to support you.

3. Setting up authorisations

Who is authorised to access what information? Preplan who can have access to what information and who can perform which actions. For example: is everyone allowed to view and create all contracts? Or just specific people? Maintain the overview and insight.

4. Training plan

Who in your organisation will use Ultimo? The frequency and authorisation will differ from user to user. So, think of a training plan beforehand. A training plan to support and help your employees during and after the implementation to have your processes run as smoothly as possible.

Four important aspects to give you some tools for the implementation of your EAM system.

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