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Reduction in time and costs for the largest global packaging enterprise: Amcor

Amcor Flexibles is the global leader in packaging. With 33,000 employees and 195 locations in more than 40 countries. The Belgium branch of Amcor has made intensive use of Ultimo Maintenance Management since 2009. Ultimo software makes knowledge management, substantiation of choices and analyses possible. But above all it ensures a reduction in time and costs.

The thorough maintenance processes of Amcor

Essential in the production of safe products is a good and thorough maintenance process. Especially for companies the size of Amcor, this process has to be as efficient as possible. To maintain this maintenance process the organisation uses Ultimo Maintenance Management.
The software is not just used for preventive and corrective maintenance, but the technical service also uses it for procurement and stock control. An interface with SAP has been made for the financial administration. And, for even more efficiency, Amcor is using an interface for the barcode scanner for an improved stock control.

Results Amcor achieved:

  • More knowledge retention and decisions are substantiated better.
  • Extensive analysis of possible improvements.
  • Saving time and costs by interfacing with ERP system SAP.

More efficient because of an interface with SAP

Amcor really wanted an interface with SAP and Ultimo because the organisation wanted to prevent double data work as much as possible. No more different systems. Invoices for technical service work are now booked directly into Ultimo and one click will copy them to SAP. The same is true for technical orders. All are easily transferred to SAP. This way SAP remains the hub for all financial information even though the technical service works with Ultimo.

“Our maintenance management is fully integrated; all data, planning, and costs are centrally registered in one system.”
Stefaan van den Bossche
Amcor Flexibles

Recent cases

  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
Arteco Total Belgium
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
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