Industry-specific solution

The new partnership bridges a gap in the market, providing mid-sized companies with a flexible, comprehensive EAM solution designed to meet their unique needs. Ultimo’s EAM software will be available through JFC & Associates’ extensive network, allowing customers in a range of industries to optimize the way they manage assets, benchmark performance, and share knowledge between sites and departments.

The partnership will particularly benefit mid-sized companies. With no mid-tier alternatives, businesses often have to choose between costly top-tier solutions that offer excessive functionality and simple, low-tier alternatives unable to support their growth ambitions. Ultimo addresses this challenge with a configurable, industry-specific solution, giving customers in ports, airports, education, logistics, and manufacturing the tools they need to gain better control over their assets.

Extensive networks

John Gould, Vice President of EAM Services at JFC & Associates, said: “Asset-intensive organizations are increasingly trying to do more with less. Some are only now starting to recognize that managing the cost of ownership around asset management requires very focused stewardship. In order to make good decisions on maintenance activities and asset replacement, you need to have a system in place capable of supporting those decisions. Ultimo allows us to offer a scalable, flexible, and purpose-driven solution to these customers, making it very easy for us to help them achieve their goals.“

Marcel Leeflang, Head of Channel Sales at Ultimo, commented: “We look forward to working with JFC & Associates and extending our footprint in the US. We are the market leader in North-Western Europe. Still, most of our customers have a global footprint and expect support wherever they do business. That’s one of the reasons we are looking for experienced partners in North America. JFC & Associates’ extensive networks and impressive portfolio make them the ideal partner to support our growth strategy.”

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