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Optimal planning

User-friendly and clear planning of your activities is very important and may be one of the most important reasons to use EAM software. Ultimo offers a wide range of planning options for both the short term and the long term that are very well suited for side-by-side use. In addition to multiple work planners, the software also offers financial planners. Visualise you work and make you work more efficient.

You have seven planners at your disposal

Ultimo provides no fewer than seven planners that can be used separately but can most certainly also be combined in a smart way. With planners that have been specially developed for long-term planning and planners that take care of the short term. To stay in control. You create insight and clear visualisation. Create a realistic forecast of costs and hours.

Planners complement each other

Use the Asset Planner for a total overview of the maintenance activities per asset. The Stop Planner is the right tool to schedule shutdowns and related activities. Use the Job Planner for a detailed schedule of the workforce and use Kanban boards for lean and agile teamwork. With the Periodical Maintenance Planner you have insight into your periodical maintenance. These planners complement each other really well.

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