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From mobile to desktop

What if you would be able to access Ultimo EAM easily on any device? Would this result in a higher hands-on tool time? Yes. And would this also benefit the reliability of the management information? Yes. Even more real time because you can enter or consult data easily at the right time? Yes. Exactly. That’s why our user-friendly platform can be used on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Mobile work

Always access to Ultimo, no matter where you are. So no more having to return to your workstation if you have to register something. Or need information. Realise such efficiency with our carefully developed app Ultimo Go. It really saves you time! Ultimo software automatically includes the Ultimo Go.

Do you want to be able to work offline with Ultimo?

This is possible with an optional offline version of the app. You can download it via the Apple Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

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