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Long-Term Asset Planning

The Long Term Asset Planning (LTAP) module allows maintenance organisations to draw up a long-term budget for life-extending maintenance, renovations and replacement of your assets. Based on costs and conditions.


The link between Maintenance, Production and Finance

Maintenance managers are responsible for making financially and technically sound choices for important assets. The interests of all the stakeholders play an important part in these choices. The Production department wants the best possible production process, which means reliable and available machinery. But the Finance department is mostly interested in saving money. And on top of that, the guidelines and agreements regarding Environment, Health & Safety should also be observed. With the Long-Term Asset Planning module the maintenance manager remains in control. And is able to budget the maintenance of all assets in a structured manner and with everyone’s interests in mind.

What does this module offer you?

  • It is the link between Maintenance, Production and Finance.
  • With it you can better validate long-term decisions concerning the maintenance of assets, and it allows you more room to substantiate choices.
  • The module offers the option to compile maintenance budgets realistically in the future.

Module related to existing practice

The Long-Term Asset Planning module was developed with the active contribution of the Ultimo users. We also used the expertise of consultancy firm Mainnovation. Because of the practical experience used to develop the module, it meets existing needs. Some statements from our development partners:

  • “LTAP makes it possible to pursue a well thought-out financial policy on the basis of the condition of assets.”
  • “LTAP is a bridge between financial management and equipment management, i.e. between accountants and technical engineers.”
  • “If you want to be in control, you have to know what the future will bring. Planning, budget, maintenance concepts all depend on the life cycle. Including a specific LTAP module in a professional maintenance management system is the most logical solution.”
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