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Change Management

How do you minimise the risk of incorrect adjustments and loss of production? With the Change Management module, you remain in control of changes and adjustments you want to implement in your IT environment.


Control of changes

An incorrect adjustment can have major consequences. With a structured workflow and templates (and with a Gantt chart), you minimise the risk of that happening. And the loss of production that comes with them. Naturally, you register the resources you used. Use Release Management if you want to combine all changes.

What are the advantages of this module?

  • Only record the change in a template once.
  • Break down adjustments into subactivities.
  • Understanding of the progress of changes and the workload.

Change Management Cases

Care Group Noorderboog
  • Facility management, IT and service requests in one system
  • More result-driven understanding
  • Higher availability of IT assets
Van Merksteijn International
  • Purchase, maintenance and IT in one EAM system
  • Improved collaboration with suppliers
  • Better coordination between purchase and technical services
  • Control over stocks with interface with scanning system Opal
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