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Maintenance is essential at De Dommel

To purify all sewage water, rain and industrial waste water, Water board De Dommel has eight sewage treatment plant and one sludge processing installation. An intensive non-stop process. Maintenance is essential to remain operational and to guarantee the present quality of the water.

A better grip on technology for Water board De Dommel

Ultimo has been used at Water board De Dommel since 2002. The software supports the maintenance process of both the sewage water purification and the sludge processing plants. And, Ultimo is also used for project management, long-term asset planning, administration and time administration and procurement.

Results De Dommel achieved so far:

  • Extensive implementation meaning more departments can save costs.
  • Reducing administrative burden because of clever interfacing.
  • Better balance between exploitation and maintenance for long-term management of assets.

Long-Term Asset Planning (LTAP)

Water board De Dommel, together with other stakeholders, helped shape the optional module Long-Term Asset Planning (LTAP). Purpose of this LTAP project was to develop a tool that helps choose between investing and maintenance. With the use of data from the maintenance management system, for one thing. The tool has to show what the financial consequences are of keeping a certain asset up and running. The strength of the tool is that it is not about technology but about value. And this means the tool is a true interface. That helps the discussion with management about commercial and economic objectives of the company. And the related efforts for asset management.

Modules in this case

Area Management
Understanding and control of your area.
Contract Management
Save on unnecessary costs and prevent them.
Cost Registration
Use various standard reports to interpret the costs.
Dashboards / Reports
Important control information directly available.
Fault Management
An additional tool for realising an optimal availability.
Long-Term Asset Planning
The link between Maintenance, Production and Finance.
Periodical Maintenance
Optimise the performance of your assets with predictive and risk-based maintenance.
Project Management
Manage projects efficiently and coordinate them in a structured manner.
Property Management
Understanding you property information is the basis for more.
Stock Management and Purchase
Prevent out-of-stock situations by keeping a minimal stock.
Time Accounting
A complete overview of the time spent.
Ultimo Configuration Tool
You can adapt Ultimo to your unique business processes.
Work Order Management
Create an efficient work order flow.
Work Permits
Integration between work order and work permit.
“To give our client a superior end product it is vital that we maintain a grip on the technology of our organisation. We succeed in doing so with Ultimo and at the same time we have lowered our administrative burden quite a bit.”
Ed Herberigs
Water board De Dommel
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