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Reservations for conference rooms at TUI Belgium easily managed in Ultimo

TUI Belgium is a travel agency that is part of the TUI Group. They use Ultimo Facility Management for their branches in Oostende and Zaventem. Mainly to manage reservations of conference rooms.

Better service for the end-user

During the busiest times about 2,000 people use the company’s facilities. Previously, TUI Belgium used an Excel file to manage reservations. Employees could phone in or e-mail a request. Now the user-friendly software by Ultimo takes centre stage for the reservation of conference rooms. But also catering and any modifications in the requests can be arranged and managed in Ultimo. It is even possible for employees to submit their requests themselves using the Self-Service portal.

Results achieved by TUI Belgium:

  • Employees can use the Self-Service portal for requests.
  • Employees can see the availability of conference rooms and catering before making a reservation.
  • All the back office has to do is validate the requests, improving their workload.

Modules in this case

Authorisation Management
Only show relevant information.
In some cases it won't even be necessary anymore to create a report.
Stock Management and Purchase
Prevent out-of-stock situations by keeping a minimal stock.
Ultimo Go
Work as efficiently as possible with Ultimo Go.
“In the past we used an Excel file to manage all reservations. Since we have Ultimo, employees can submit their own requests and our service to the end-user has improved considerably.”
Alain Allary
TUI Belgium
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