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Efficient daily tasks and a wealth of information at Care Leuven.

The care sector obviously revolves around people. But buildings and materials play a major role in this sector as well. This is why facility departments have to support processes the best they can. And Care Leuven asked Ultimo to help them do it. The organisation uses the software to efficiently manage all daily tasks. And it also saves plenty of information that can be used for taking strategic decisions.

More satisfied customers & efficient follow-up

Higher efficiency since using the software. This goes for all employees of the supporting services of Care Leuven whether they are technical service, procurement or IT.

The Public Centre for Social Welfare in Leuven uses Facility Management Software by Ultimo. They can process the more than 1200 applications quite easily this way. A digital Shared Service Centre has been designed using the Self-Service module.

It is a great plus for the organisation that the software is so flexible. Based on the default Ultimo software organisations can easily make modifications. This greatly increases ease-of-use and efficiency. And an extensive array of training courses is available to get to know all the options.

Results obtained by Care Leuven:

  • Much improved follow-up of applications.
  • Shorter procedures with new mode of working.
  • Less administration and consequently less paper waste.
“Ultimo provided answers to the questions our facility departments had. They were able to retrieve many representative figures necessary to support a proper long-term vision.
Wouter Dormaels
Care Leuven

Recent cases

  • A clear plan of critical maintenance tasks
  • All documentation relating to assets is available in one place
  • A user-friendly solution that doesn’t require high levels of computer literacy
  • A simple overview of daily maintenance tasks
Arteco Total Belgium
  • Improved collaboration, communication and expectations
  • Increased efficiency
  • Operational excellence
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