Safety issues in healthcare

  • How do you ensure a safe working environment for employees and possible external parties?
  • How do you avoid risks concerning safety, quality, the environment and health?
  • How do you show that you comply with important regulations?

Are these problems you are familiar with? Surprisingly these are the same questions maintenance managers ask themselves each day. Also, the first paragraph in the Ultimo EHS-Suite leaflet. Our EHS-Suite was originally developed with the help of a client panel from the industrial sector. But the suite also provides answers to the day to day safety issues posed by clients in the healthcare industry.

Get a grip on healthcare and patient safety

The EHS-Suite offers modules that directly apply to care organisations. For instance modules for Incident Management, Work Permits, Shift Handover or Management of Change (MoC). The modules zero in on the existing work processes in Ultimo, specifically aimed at safeguarding safety.

The module Incident Management is used to map incidents that happened in a hospital, like employees that hurt themselves on medical equipment. The module Incident Management not only provides information on the incident, its cause and the consequences but also serves as a handle for measures that help to prevent these incidents in future. The registration of near-misses, that is situations in which something could have gone wrong but did not, are registered and prevented from occurring in future.

Special or remarkable situations can be identified during safety walks. The Shift Handover module offers the opportunity to record these findings easily in a digital log. The log shows what checks have been made during the shifts and the findings. This way employees and departments involved can gain insight in the current safety status. The digital log has a direct link to the medical technical service department and the module Incident Management, which means that responses to findings are effective.

Proven safety available for the healthcare industries

The functionality discussed above are examples of ready-made modules that have proven their added value regarding safety. Indeed, they are widely used in the industrial sector and some healthcare organisations.

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